G. Family

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Such a fun shoot. Such a fun family!

Thanking Jesus He allows me to do what I LOVE!



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Newborn love

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Mother Baby Photography is becoming one of my very favorite things :) Such a special bond God has given mamas and babies and I love capturing it.

pure sweetness.

So thankful God has given me photography, something I enjoy so very much :)





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Been Busy

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Yesterday I had a senior shoot. With a girl I adore. I babysat her and her two sisters when they were little. Time flies…



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Been a while….

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Yeah, its been like a year…

But, I wanted to introduce you to our new sweet little boy :) Thames David Vigil

Two weeks old

1.5 months old

3 months old

4 moths old.

He is a JOY. We are all in love.

Hopeing to get back to blogging soon



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Kaori Glass WINNERS!!

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Hey Hey! It is now time for the Kaori Glass WINNERSSSS!!! Who is excited??
Sorry it took two extra days to announce the winner! We have had an EXCITING weekend…. which I will update ya’ll on SOON! Can’t wait to tell you all!!! Anyway back to the current exciting stuff :) …. WINNERS!!!
Anyway, here are my FAV items right now!
If you see something you like… hurry and get it! everything is selling like hotcakes!!!! Click HERE to get to Kaori Glass store!
LOVE this! So fun! Can you believe that is hand painted?? Kaori is SO talented!
GORGEOUS new colors in the shop! my fav is the yellow!!!
Gorge right??
Perfection for a wedding shower! Right?? or a house warming gift! I love these! SO dainty and pretty!
Totally in love with ALL her travel mugs!
I am basically in love with polka dots… so I ADORE these!
LAST but not least… Kaori has been making these beautiful teapots! I am SO loving them! I am hoping to order a BIG one for my kitchen! SO excited!
So, hurry on over to Kaori Glass and order! Before your favorite thing is GONE!!!! click HERE to get to her store!
Now, for the winner…..Who is ready to see who won???
Random.org…..chose Number 40!!!!
Sara Cicciu on 08.12.2011 at 8:44 pm:
 I Like Smitten By A Promise on Facebook
The second winner is!!!……Number 121!!!
Suzanne Gregg on 13.12.2011 at 10:10 am:
Both of you please email me within 48 hours to claim your prize!!!!
Congratulations! SO happy for you two!!!
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I need YOUR opinion…


Okay, so I had an amazing photo shoot the other day… These girls were a dream to photograph… Seriousness. SO. Much. Fun. Anyway, back to bidness… I LOVE back light. Maybe I love it a little too much.

Here are a few photos from the shoot


Here is what I need you help with…

Do you like these photos? TOO much back light? I think they are kinda dreamy… BUT, sometimes I need a few opinions to make me see clearly lol

Will you tell me your HONEST opinion. Nothing better than constructive criticism….


Also, don’t forget the Kaori Glass Giveaway going on right now… it is HUGE!!!!

Chick HERE to get to the giveaway post and enter…But, HURRY it ends soon :)

Anyway, THANK YOU in advance… I need a little clarity :)



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Hey Hey! Christmas Giveaway time!!!!!!


Guess who our LOVELY shop is today??? Kaori Glass!

Ya’ll already know how much I LOVE me some Kaori glass! Well, Kaori has been Generous enough to offer TWO prizes to TWO winners!!!!

Exciting right? SO excited for all of you!!!

Before we start… I want all of YOU who weren’t reading along in the very FIRST giveaway we had with Kaori Glass to know the reason why Kaori started her mustache business.

So, this is what Kaori shared with me… :)

Kaori Started this business just after her Father, who was also her best

friend, passed away 3 years ago.

When she paints she thinks about him. Every mustache she paints is a

reminder of their love and friendship.

These pieces of art, are not only, RAD they have a deep feeling and

meaning behind them. She puts LOVE into each and every one of

these pieces!

This business is not just a LOVE of making handmade pieces to Kaori…. it is more special that we can imagine. Not only does she have talent… But, her shop and customers mean SO much to her.

Okay Okay, Before I get into WHAT you could win and HOW you can win it… check out some of the FAB new stuff from her shop!!!

Above is a gorgeous travel mug with her signature Mustache :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! want to add them to my signature stash of mugs :) one day I will have to post about my stash ;)

Can I say wedding gift????? PERFECT! Actually, I was given a present when I got married….by my best friend’s mother. She told me they were “Conversation Mugs” Every time we needed to work something out…or just needed to have time together….to pull these out and we can’t take any calls or ANYTHING… until we both finish our coffee :) I am pretty sure this is now going to be my GO to gift for weddings :) HANDMADE….special and totally perfect for new couples :)

Adorbs right??? LOVE :) These are salt and pepper shakers :) Two peas in a pod. How much more creative can one person get?? Kaori, You amaze me! I fall in love with just about everything you make!

Signature stack-able mugs…..but it is a HIM/HER set now! PERFECT right??

PERFECT “conversation mugs :)

wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for a spouse?

I NEED one of her travel mugs….JUST so ya’ll know ;)

Ummmm….Talk about wedding presents…This is FANTASTIC. These are measuring cups! Says on the inside how much each cup holds :)

Oh. My. Goodness gracious. LOVE.

Last but not least ;)

The signature Mustache set….PERFECT for every kitchen. Room saving and black and white to match just about ANYTHING!

Okay, so onto the PRIZES!

So, the first winner drawn by random.org will receive…

This FABULOUS stack-able mug set! Ummm seriously? The BEST and most expensive thing in her shop :)

Seriously, I really don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this set :)

The second winner…. also, picked by random.org will receive…..

This GORGEOUS travel MUG! just in time for CHRISTmas :)

I just LOVE it! Couldn’t you imagine drinking a white chocolate peppermint late in there??? MMMMM…. so good :)
Okay…. now that we have all stopped jumping up and down… Ready to hear how to enter?

Mandatory Entry

* Go “like” Kaori Glass on Facebook!


* Head to her shop… and tell me your FAV item! Leave the link!

Extra Entries

* Heart Kaori Glass etsy shop

* Heart Kaori Kreations etsy shop.

* “Like” Smitten By A Promise on Facebook

* Follow Smitten By A Promise Blog by email

* Purchase something from Kaori Glass easy shop and get THREE bonus entries for EACH thing you buy :)

LAST but not least

leave a guess as to what gender I am having!

* Boy or Girl????

That is it!

Leave a comment for EACH thing you do.

Winner will be drawn on  December 16th 2011 JUST in time for Christmas :)



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Beach Day… The conclusion

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SO foggy. SO romantic. SO fun

The fog creates this amazing silhouette of the surfers. I LOVED it. SO cool.

Aren’t surfers AMAZING?? SO talented and doing something they absolutely love. They adore every second of it. it shows in their rides and on their faces to and from the water…. God is SO good to create something that so many people could take SO much joy from. What a GREAT God we have!

That concludes our wonderful beach day :) … onto our FAB time at my cousins wedding!

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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Beach day…#3 Smiles

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Get ready for some to DIE for cuteness!!!

Who wouldn’t LOVE a day where the entire day I got to look at this cuteness :)

Until next time,



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Beach Day… #2

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Okay, the next couple of pics are the so cute…. so, I saw this little girl on the beach…it’s kinda stalkerish… but I HAD to take a few pics of this sweet innocent little girl just having a BLAST in God’s creation! You’ll undertsnd in a second… Just scroll down :)

Yeah, totally makes me want a little girl :)

Cutest naked baby EVER! Pretty sure he was looking for more kelp to put in his mouth :)

Oh, and I can’t forget my handsomeness :)

Check back for some AMAZING smiles from London in the sequel :)



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